Good old American Spirit (via Frank Capra)

Greg Skiano October 31, 2011

The situation reminds me of The classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”, when George, a man who strives to stand for what is true and good (Cooper Union) is considering suicide (Charging tuition) because he cannot see a way out of the financial trouble he is in (sound familiar?)

Then, when the people whose lives were positively affected by George (alumni) find out that he is in desperate need for help, they rush in to save the day, and all George’s toil and struggle triumph over the unscrupulous Potter.

I know this is overly simple, but I question why the school is not letting the world know we need help. WE NEED HELP. Why would alumni rush in to save us if they have no idea how serious the situation is. I am ready to work a phonathon… just tell me when.

until then, watch and be inspired :)
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