A Statement From The Board Of Trustees Concerning Cooper Union’s Present Circumstances And Future Prospects

Mike Essl December 16, 2011

Copied from the introduction:

For decades, members of the Board of Trustees have strived to keep The Cooper Union solvent while preserving both the excellence of its educational offerings and the full-tuition scholarship policy. This has required extraordinary efforts. Indeed, providing a high quality education without having the benefit of tuition income has necessitated the sale of institutional assets over many years.

In difficult financial times such as these, all higher education institutions are facing financial stresses. The possibility of charging tuition is only one of several alternatives the Revenue Task Force comprised of alumni, faculty, and students will be examining over the coming months; it is by no means predetermined that future students will be paying tuition for what our current students have received without charge. But one thing is certain: both the Trustees and the President remain committed to the goal of ensuring access to education for students with demonstrated financial need.
Financial_Narrative_2011.pdf (application/pdf)
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